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Ice-water generator

The device is used for cooling by all productional processes, which generate thermal energy, which may be collected by the cooling liquid, such as water.

Replacing the loss of large amounts of water in the open circuit, this device enables:

  •  the circulation of water in the closed circuit – regular, stable flow of water,
  •  stable temperature,
  •  this ensures the repeatability of the technological process irrespective of climatic conditions.


The Chiller is, in standard, equipped with an integrated buffer container for the cooling liquid, a circulation pump, a steering box, and a micro-processed control panel. All parts which have physical contact with both, the cooling liquid, and the external cover, are made of stainless steel.

The components of our devices are adjusted to work 24 hours a day, all the year round.



The chillers are produced by our company on the basis of spiral hermetic compressors and half-hermetic piston compressors. A tight, framed, and covered construction allows for its easy location near the cooled object. The steering box is supplied separately and designed to be installed and used in the neighbouring room.

Two major parts may be distinguished in the device:

  • the open part – exchanger, with the R404 condenser and glycol cooler
  • the closed part – compressored with two independent cooling systems and glycol containers.



Technical parameters:

HOUSING                               stainless steel

EXCHANGER TYPE                plate

CIRCUIT PUMPS                    Grundfoss 1m3/h/0,5 bar – 10m3/h/20 bar

POWER SUPPLY                  1f/220/50 or 3f/400/50

CONTAINER                          buffer 100-1000 dm3

COOLING CAPACITY             2-100 kW


ATTENTION: There is a possibility of producing a device according to the client’s individual needs.


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